How can I sign out of my iTunes account on the iPhone?

How can I sign out of my iTunes account on the iPhone?

Signing out of your iTunes account on the iPhone is simple. Follow these steps to log out:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Store
2. Touch the Sign Out button

You are now logged out of your iTunes account on the iPhone. To sign in:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Store
2. Touch the Sign In button
3. Enter the email address and password associated with your iTunes account.


I have taken my Iphone from usa to Iran but its hi-fi did not work, so i followed up the instruction for setting.
When it was done my iphone is locked by sign of iTune and a usb picture.
What i can do is only to get sos calls, and it woulnt give me any other options.
Pls hel if possibl, and let me khow how can i get out of this jamed page.
Thanks Fred

Your problem is simple. It sounds like a passcode lock if you swipe. Otherwise it sounds like a possible wrong country for USA tech. Its like a DVD if you watch movies. Not all are licensed to all countries. You need to talk to a local phone dealer. Maybe they can unlock it or trade it for one that will work in your country.

Dear Sir,
I need to update some programs from my ITunes Store in my iphone but a box shows up asking me to enter an email address's password of which I don't know,so I tried to change it from settings app and I signed in my Apple ID from setting app ,and still that email address which I don't know it's password shows up before downloading any new updates from iTunes Store. I need to mention I updated my iOS recently and I'm running iOS 7.1 now. Would you please help me in fixing up this problem? Thanks.

Go to settings
Click iTunes and app stores
Click your Apple ID
Click view Apple ID
it'll change your iTunes Store Apple ID

I did all this and still when i go to my app store it shows someone else's email.
What do i do?

I have the exact same problem
How do we fix this?

I also have this problem. I have also tried all these things and cannot get rid of the apple id that shows up when i try to update my apps

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