Apple Store iPhone App to Start Offering Free iTunes Content

Apple CEO Tim Cook is planning to push the Apple Store application in an effort to sell more hardware through direct Apple sales channels. Cook is disappointed that 80% of all iPhones are sold outside of Apple retails stores, and that only 20% of iOS customers are even aware there is an Apple retail app available. 9to5Mac has learned that Apple plans to redesign the application so it fits "more in line with the user-interface of the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore in iOS 6."

Apple Store App

Apple employees are being instructed to install the Apple Store app to any new devices that are sold at any retail location. Apple will also offer free content as part of the push to make people more aware of the app. Cook hopes this new strategy will get more iOS users accustomed to using the largely ignored Apple service.

The app update will land on the same day that Apple plans to announce its financial results for Q3 2013. The conference call will take place on Tuesday, July 23 at 2 p.m. PT.


If Tim Cook is disappointed that only 20% of the public know about the Apple Store app - which is amazing as it connects you to all the instore tutorials - he'll be pissed when he finds out that less than 20% of HIS staff know how to gift an app!

Gifting apps is instant, economical and ecofriendly yet too few know how to do it - which is simple, tap the export button in the top right corner of any app page - including his own instore staff.

Now that both grandmothers and grandchildren have iPads imagine how easy it is for one to send a $6.99 app to the other on special occasions. What can you get at Toys-R-Us for that price, not to mention the bother of shopping and sending the gift.

It's all a result of Apple's 'I'm too coo to sell' mentality. So new buyer are pitched nothing but AppleCare. They should know about external battery chargers and gifting apps at least.

Patrick Malone
West Vancouver, BC