Star Wars Digital Movie Collection Hits iTunes

The entire collection of Star Wars films will be available digitally for the first time starting tomorrow. The global release includes never before seen special features including Star Wars: Discoveries from the Inside and Conversations.

Star Wars digital bundle

Apple fans can get the six-chapter bundle directly from iTunes in HD or standard definition. Of course, individual films can also be purchased. The complete list of movies includes Episodes 1-6, spanning from 1977 to the latest release in 2005.

The first-ever digital release, scheduled for April 10, 2015 comes eight months ahead of the December release of Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens.

Here's the movie bundle description from iTunes:

Feel the Force in every epic lightsaber duel, hyperspace jump and pulse-pounding shootout with the Dark Side. The Star Wars movies are here for the first time digitally - packed with iTunes Extras like never before seen footage and deleted scenes. Don't miss a minute of the interstellar action.

The complete digital bundle runs $119.99 for all six movies along with bonus content iTunes Extras. Download size is 29.4 GB for the 720p HD version, and 13.7 GB for standard definition.