Apple TV+

What 'television' series are availble on Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV+ is Apple's subscription streaming service availble on all Apple products and Smart TVs, including the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K. Like Netflix, Apple TV+ offers a variety of original scripted series, movies and documentaries. Here is a brief look at the series and films coming to Apple TV+ as of 05/06/19.

Apple TV+ programing available after launch Fall 2019.


Can I watch Apple TV Plus on my PlayStation 4 / Xbox One?

Apple TV+ is a service within the Apple TV app. At this time there is no Apple TV app for any consoles including the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Apple did announce that Apple TV+ will be available on "other platforms" including Samsung smart TVs in the spring and Vizio, Sony, LG, and others “in the future.”

Apple would need to release an Apple TV app specifically for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for users to access Apple TV+. While this seems like a smart idea if Apple wants to compete with Netflix and Amazon, it seems unlikely.



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