Apple TV+

Can I watch Apple TV Plus on my PlayStation 4 / Xbox One?

Apple TV+ is a service within the Apple TV app. At this time there is no Apple TV app for any consoles including the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Apple did announce that Apple TV+ will be available on "other platforms" including Samsung smart TVs in the spring and Vizio, Sony, LG, and others “in the future.”

Apple would need to release an Apple TV app specifically for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for users to access Apple TV+. While this seems like a smart idea if Apple wants to compete with Netflix and Amazon, it seems unlikely.


Does Apple TV Plus have movies?

Yes, but only Apple originals. Unlike Netflix and Amazon, Apple's subscription service will not include a back catalog of older movies or television shows. Apple TV+ will be available through the Apple TV app on iOS, Mac, and other platforms. It's the home of Apple's exclusive content including shows and movies by big Hollywood talent like Oprah. You will be able to stream movies and shows from some of Apple’s partners like HBO without having to leave the app.


Can I stream Apple TV Plus from my computer/laptop?

Apple TV+ is not its own app, it is a service through the Apple TV app. Apple did say Apple TV would be available for iOS, Mac and "other platforms" but did not indicate that users would be able to stream it from a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Apple TV+ will be availble fall 2019. It will include only original Apple shows and movies, and the ability to stream from some Apple partners without leaving the app.



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