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How many faces are available for the Apple Watch?

Apple claims there are "over two million ways to see time" on the Apple Watch. There will be 11 digital faces to choose from at launch, and the ability to add specialized functions to each face, giving you a "virtually endless" amount of choices to personalize your device. Here's a list of the available faces: Chronograph, Color, Modular, Timelapse, Solar, Astronomy, Motion, Utility, Mickey Mouse, Simple and Photo.

Apple Watch Faces


How long is battery life on the Apple Watch?

UPDATE: Apple CEO Tim Cook said the Apple Watch will have up to 18 hours of battery life in a "typical day".

Apple has not yet provided specifics on the battery capacity or expected battery life on the Apple Watch. The charger was highlighted, featuring MagSafe technology with inductive charging. This makes the Apple Watch easy to connect for charging, even in the dark, or while "only partially awake".

Apple Watch charger

How many bands does the Apple Watch have?

The Apple Watch will have 6 different style bands in several different colors available at launch. The Apple bands connect to the watch using a proprietary connecting mechanism meaning third-party bands will not be available. Here are the different styles and available colors:

Milanese Loop
Sport Bands: White, Black, Blue, Green, Pink
Classic Buckle: Black, Midnight Blue
Link Bracelet: Stainless Steel, Space Black Stainless Steel
Leather Loop: Stone, Bright Blue, Brown

Can I use the Apple Watch without an iPhone?

The Apple Watch requires the iPhone 5 or later.

Many functions of the Apple Watch depend on a Bluetooth connection to the iPhone. For example, the Apple Watch does not have its own GPS or hardware for wireless calling.

Apple Watch does include its own accelerometer and other sensors, so some features may still be available when the paired iPhone is out of range.


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