How to set your sleep schedule on iPhone

How to schedule Bedtime sleep schedule alarms on iPhone.

If you are a fan of iPhone's Bedtime feature you may be dismayed to see its tab missing from the Clock app in iOS 14. Rest assured though, it still exists. You can still tweak your sleep schedule settings from the Clock app but Bedtime now lives in the Health app and you will have to go there to edit your schedule and other related settings. Here's how to set up your sleep schedule on iPhone:

How to turn your iPhone into a bedside clock with Nightstand

How to turn your iPhone into a bedside table clock in landscape orientation with Nightstand for iOS.

While smartphones have undoubtedly displaced many watches and clocks, having a bedside clock that you can see by simply opening your eyes rather than blindly grasping for your iPhone, is probably still something in demand. There is no reason an iPhone can't accomplish this, but for reasons unknown and despite all of its other great features, the Clock app does not give you a full screen clock. The biggest clock display the app has to offer is in the World Clock, and that just doesn't cut it if you are looking for a bedside table type of clock display.

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