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How to set your sleep schedule on iPhone

How to schedule Bedtime sleep schedule alarms on iPhone.

If you are a fan of iPhone's Bedtime feature you may be dismayed to see its tab missing from the Clock app in iOS 14. Rest assured though, it still exists. You can still tweak your sleep schedule settings from the Clock app but Bedtime now lives in the Health app and you will have to go there to edit your schedule and other related settings. Here's how to set up your sleep schedule on iPhone:

Time Change Reveals More iPhone Alarm Clock Bugs

The iPhone has mishandled another time change as clocks across the continent were set forward one hour this weekend to mark the beginning of Daylight Savings Time (DST). Reports have surfaced on Apple forums, Twitter and other venues of frustrated iPhone owners missing appointments and experiencing strange behavior on their devices.

apple iphone alarm spring forward bug

The DST bugs run the gamut from iPhone clocks jumping backward instead of forward by one hour, alarms going off an hour early, and phones switching to DST properly but later in the day undoing the change. Apple has not announced an official reason for the clock problems, but they are easily fixed.

Time Change Will Trigger iPhone Alarm Clock Bug

Keep a close watch on your iPhone alarms this weekend if you depend on your smartphone to wake you up on Monday morning. Once again it's time to fall back this weekend, as US clocks must be set an hour earlier at 2 AM Sunday. Standard Time should be set automatically on your iPhone, however a bug in the alarm clock software could wreak havoc with repeating alarms.

apple iphone alarm fall back bug

These alarms won't recognize the time change and will go off precisely one hour late. The bug has already caught people off guard in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Apple is aware of the issue, and the company plans to issue a fix in the iOS 4.2 update. In the meantime, they have issued a support document for the problem.

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