DuckieDeck Family Photo

iPhone Game Giveaway: DuckieDeck Family Photo for Toddlers

We're giving away 4 free promo codes for the iOS game DuckieDeck Family Photo. The app allows toddlers to create funny and creative caricatures of their family and friends without the need of costly in-app purchases.

DuckieDeck Family Photo

Family Photo is easy to use, children can choose from a variety of colorful faces, facial features and accessories to create group photos of their family. The game features over 100 different options, like noses, eye shape, glasses and facial hair, to choose from.

DuckieDeck Delivers a Safe and Ad Free App for Children

Navigating the Apple App Store can be tough for parents. It is full of "free" apps that trap you into spending additional money, and it is hard to know what paid apps are safe without testing them first. Duckie Deck Development's new Family Photo game for toddlers aims to deliver a safe app for kids by delivering an in-app purchase and ad free experience.

DuckieDeck Family Photo<br />

The game allows children to create personalized, funny family portraits by choosing from a variety of colorful face shapes, facial features and accessories. The user interface is simple to use and it offers a lot of combinations for children to choose from. The best part is all the items are unlocked, meaning there are no additional faces or accessories to purchase.

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