Easter Eggs

Google Maps adds Ms. Pac-Man game for April Fools'

Google Maps insert coin

April Fools' Day has arrived, and as usual Google joined in the fun. iPhone owners can play Ms. Pac-Man directly in the Google Maps app. The feature works by automatically converting any location into a completely functional Ms. Pac-Man board. In fact, desktop users of Google Maps can also play by clicking the "Insert coin" button.

Having Fun With Siri: Top Easter Eggs for Apple's Voice Assitant

I've had a few weeks to get acquainted with Siri and I have to admit she's pretty useless to me. I'm tired of her telling me, "I don't know what you mean by..." because she doesn't understand my lisp, or because I tend to mumble. I've struggled to have her set reminders and direct me to friend's homes, and it seems like her solution for everything is doing a web search. Thanks Siri, but I know how to Google!


I know Siri is in beta right now and she is only going to get better, but I don't think she will ever be a useful tool for me personally. Maybe I'm just not creative enough to use her to her full potential or I just feel weird talking to my phone. Whatever our problem is, I hope things work out between us professionally in the future, but until then we can at least have a little fun right?

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