ESPN SportsCenter

Watch live games on the ESPN app for iOS

WatchESPN integration

Sports fans could always look to the ESPN app for information on their favorite teams, but watching live games required a separate app. Earlier this month, ESPN updated the official ESPN app for iOS, adding live video feeds. While at this time the separate WatchESPN app is still available on iTunes, its content is now available directly in the main ESPN app.

ESPN ScoreCenter is now SportsCenter, iOS App Gets a New Look

ESPN has changed the name of its ScoreCenter app to ESPN SportsCenter and has given it a whole new design. Version 4.0.0 now allows users to set up the app so they can quickly receive up to the date information about their favorite teams and get personalized content sent directly to their in-app inbox. The app also now features real-time scores and social updates from ESPN NOW.

ESPN SportsCenter

Users can stay plugged in with the apps deep Twitter integration which gives users access to tweets from all of ESPN's sports commentators, and they can choose from dozens of notification options to personalize their experience. The app also includes the usual video highlights and social sharing options.

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