Watch live games on the ESPN app for iOS

WatchESPN integration

Sports fans could always look to the ESPN app for information on their favorite teams, but watching live games required a separate app. Earlier this month, ESPN updated the official ESPN app for iOS, adding live video feeds. While at this time the separate WatchESPN app is still available on iTunes, its content is now available directly in the main ESPN app.

The update to version 4.7.0 makes ESPN a one-stop shop for everything related to ESPN sports coverage. To access live games, tap the WatchESPN icon in the lower right corner. Of course, to stream live video you must be logged into a TV service provider account (such as FiOS or Comcast) and connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. Here are the change notes:

Watch every game live. If it’s on ESPN, it’s in the ESPN App. Just sign in with your cable provider and start streaming. Tap the WatchESPN icon in the tab bar to browse every live stream available — from the NBA on ESPN to Midnight Sportscenter, we’ve got you covered.

Other improvements to the ESPN app include 3D Touch functions. Anyone with an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus can press the ESPN icon on the home screen for shortcuts to the Watch, Listen, and Favorites areas of the app. There are also search results for sporting events integrated with the iOS 9 Spotlight search for quick access to scores, etc. Finally, links in the ESPN app will open immediately, instead of launching Safari.

Time will tell how long the independent WatchESPN app remains in the App Store. Get the new, integrated ESPN app on iTunes for free. ESPN requires iOS 8.0 or later to install, along with 38.9 MB of storage space.