How can I see FaceTime data usage on the iPhone?

FaceTime calls use data. One advantage is that wireless calling plan minutes are not consumed. On the downside, when using FaceTime over a cellular data connection (not Wi-Fi) the data plan is used.

With most data plans now capped at monthly allotments, keeping track of data usage can be important for wireless subscribers. The amount of data used by a FaceTime video call or FaceTime audio call can be seen in two different ways on an iOS device:

How can I make an audio-only FaceTime call?

FaceTime gives iOS users the ability to video chat, but did you know that FaceTime can also be used to make audio-only calls? As long as both call participants have FaceTime the iPhone can make a normal phone call using the service.

Contacts with FaceTime capability will have both a video icon and phone handset icon in their contact information.

FaceTime normal phone call

To make a FaceTime audio call tap the phone handset icon on the right.

Can I use FaceTime over cellular data?

Some wireless providers are limiting FaceTime over cellular calling to subscribers with specific data plans. Although iOS 6 provides for FaceTime over cellular, how can you tell if your iPhone has this capability?

To determine whether or not you have access to FaceTime over cellular, or you are limited to only making video calls over Wi-Fi:

On your iOS device navigate to Settings -> FaceTime -> Use Cellular Data -> ON

On newer versions of iOS the toggle is located here:
Settings -> Cellular -> FaceTime -> ON


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