How to blur the background on FaceTime calls

FaceTime Portrait mode Control Center

With the surge in remote work and video calling many have gotten used to seeing other people's rooms behind them. Sometimes a fake digital background can be fun, but for other situations it may not be appropriate. The easiest and fastest way to put the focus on your face is to automatically blur the background on a video call. FaceTime now has this capability on iOS 15 and later.

How to FaceTime on Android or Windows


FaceTime can now be used across platforms, with Android phones or Windows devices connecting for video calls on Apple hardware. Formerly only Apple devices could make and accept FaceTime calls. Calls take place using a compatible web browser on the Android or Windows device, with iOS, macOS, or iPadOS version 15 or later on the Apple side.

Other improvements to FaceTime have been included with iOS 15, such as SharePlay. SharePlay makes it possible to watch videos, listen to music, and share your screen during FaceTime calls.


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