ZiPhone Jailbreak Still Works on iPhone Firmware 1.1.4

Well, even though today hasn't brought the official iPhone SDK, there is still some good news in regards to 1.1.4 and third party software. The good news is, thanks to previously release methods, you can evidently upgrade to 1.1.4 and still enjoy third party software.

Now confirmed by such reliable sources as noted iPhone hacker Nate True, ZiPhone has proven effective on phones updated to the newest version of iPhone firmware.

New GUI Single Step iPhone Jailbreak/Unlock for 1.1.3

Earlier this week, ZiPhone was released and was the first tool available that provided not only a direct jailbreak for iPhones running 1.1.3, but did so in one step. Though pretty darn convenient, ZiPhone was still a command line application, which can scare off some of the less technically inclined iPhone owners out there.


For those who dare not utilize their command shells and others who prefer a GUI application comes good news in the form of iJailbreak version 0.5.3, albeit only for

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