iPhone Alarm

Make it easier to snooze the iPhone alarm

SnoozeHelper with Aeuria LS

For some iPhone owners hitting the snooze button is a morning ritual. The iPhone doesn't make this easy, like some of the old digital alarm clocks with massive snooze buttons on top. Instead, getting a few extra minutes of time in bed requires tapping a narrow band of text on the lock screen that says "Tap to snooze". It can be easy to miss. This situation can now be fixed thanks to the jailbreak tweak SnoozeHelper.

Jan 3 and iPhone Alarm Still Not Working? Here's Why.

As you're already likely very aware, countless iPhone owners overslept the first two days of 2011 because of a bug in the iPhone's software that prevented alarms scheduled to go off on January 1 or January 2 from doing so. Apple acknowledged the bug publically, and indicated that not only was a fix in the works -- but that iPhone owners could expect their alarms to begin working on January 3 without needing to do anything. The only problem? For many of you, January 3 rolled around, and your alarm failed to go off yet again. The good news? There appears to be a simple fix.


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