Jan 3 and iPhone Alarm Still Not Working? Here's Why.

As you're already likely very aware, countless iPhone owners overslept the first two days of 2011 because of a bug in the iPhone's software that prevented alarms scheduled to go off on January 1 or January 2 from doing so. Apple acknowledged the bug publically, and indicated that not only was a fix in the works -- but that iPhone owners could expect their alarms to begin working on January 3 without needing to do anything. The only problem? For many of you, January 3 rolled around, and your alarm failed to go off yet again. The good news? There appears to be a simple fix.

iphone alarm bug not going off

Hopefully, you had the foresight to schedule a backup alarm in case Apple's indication proved to be false. However, if you relied on your iPhone alarm only to be bitten by the iPhone alarm bug again, we're fairly certain there's a way to prevent a reoccurrance.

Though many owners have reported their iPhone alarms did indeed begin functioning properly today, for many of you it did not. The problem seems to be that alarms that were scheduled to go off on Jan 1 or Jan 2 failed today, and will presumably fail going forward. Repeated testing of these previously scheduled alarms has confirmed this.

The fix seems to be deleting these old alarms and creating new alarms. In our tests, newly created alarms go off as scheduled, without fail. If you're still experiencing iPhone alarm failure, head into your alarm schedule and clean house. Start fresh. Yes, a bit annoying, but better than being late for work again.

Oh, and just to be safe, we don't recommend relying on this fix either till you've put it through its paces.


I was unaware of this problem, and missed a flight because of it. Unacceptable. Where do I send my change flight fee?

In the first instance download a claim form from iwantmymommy.com

I went to this site and they did not have the form you previously mentioned. I demand the real link to this form! (READ: Well played. Responsibility is a valuable and rare commodity these days.)

Thanks! Worked for me.

but only after oversleeping yet again!! gg Apple!