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Windows Version of Pwnage, WinPwn, has been Released

Though the Windows version of Pwnage, WinPwn, was originally slated for release shortly after the Mac OS X version became available on April 3rd, WinPwn has nevertheless been released and is now available. The currently available version,, is however a beta release and is cautioned by its author to be unstable and for beta testers only.

Apple Goes Mission Impossible on Developer's iPhones

After denying countless developer applications for entrace into the iPhone Developers Program last week, Apple has begun accepting applications and allow developers to begin using iPhones to test software developed with the beta iPhone SDK. However, the good news isn't all good news. According to a new article on iPhoneAtlas, Apple has added what is, in short, a self-destruct mode to developer iPhones should a developer fail to comply with terms of the SDK.

self destruct

As part of the agreement developers make when using an iPhone for development purposes, once a phone is used for iPhone development - it must always be used for iPhone development, at least until

Video: First iPhone Running Hacked 2.0, New Features + Any Carrier

A new video of an iPhone running iPhone firmware 2.0 has surfaced. Posted on Gizmodo earlier, the video shows an iPhone running a fully hacked iPhone firmware 2.0 (or 1.2, depending on who you're asking) and demonstrates many of the new features found in the updated firmware.

The 2.0 hack was completed by the iPhone Dev Team, and the hole that was found is described by the Dev Team to be considerably difficult for Apple to close. According to Gizmodo, the hole may be considered "impossible" to close.

The hacked 2.0 firmware allows any GSM carrier and the installation of any third party software. Watch the video below to see the 2.0 iPhone in action

What new features are coming in iPhone Firmware 2.0?

Apple announced on March 6th 2008, during its iPhone Software Roadmap event in Cupertino, the upcoming availability of iPhone Software version 2.0. This new software will include the iPhone SDK and new firmware for the Apple iPhone. The update is mainly aimed at the addition of a) the iPhone "App Store" to showcase and manage applications developed using the new, official iPhone SDK and b) the addition of a bevy of enterprise features aimed at making the iPhone a serious enterprise device.

ZiPhone 2.5 Released, Features Full 1.1.4 Jailbreak/Unlock/Activation Support

When 1.1.4 was released, many were surprised to hear the good news that they could still jailbreak their iPhone on 1.1.4 using ZiPhone designed for 1.1.3 and earlier. The bad news was that the activation and unlock capabilities of ZiPhone were not effective on 1.1.4 and even jailbreaking 1.1.4 sometimes was unpredictable. All of these concerns are now a thing of the past, thanks to the release of ZiPhone 2.5.


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