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Nuance Announces Nina, a New Voice Assistant for iOS and Android Devices

Nuance Communications' technology is what powers Apple's mobile voice assistant Siri. The company's voice recognition engine can also be found in dictation software like Dragon Dictation and even in devices like Smart TVs. Nina is the company's response to the growing popularity of intelligent personal assistants that are popping up on all Android and iOS devices

Voice recognition technology

Nuance Communications describes Nina as "the first virtual assistant customer service app to incorporate both speech recognition and voice biometrics into a single integrated solution." Nina uses a combination of Nuance technologies like speech recognition and voice biometrics to understand what a speaker is saying and to identify who is speaking. This allows Nina the potential to perform such tasks as paying bills, or the ability to use other personal services without the need to enter a password.

Will iPhone OS 3.2 Support Multitasking and Video Calls?

Developers have already started digging into the iPhone OS 3.2 code now that Apple has released the latest SDK in connection with the iPad. There are several hints that increased functionality is on the way in future iterations of the iPhone.

Some of the highlights in the code include ways to accept and decline a video conference, switch a video feed from camera to camera (front and back?), and run a video call in full screen mode or in a window. Could it be that a front-facing camera is on its way to the 4G iPhone for video calling?

New iPhone 3.2 SDK Allows 3G VoIP Calling

AT&T and Apple must have finally decided to allow VoIP calls over the 3G network. The big news was revealed in the new iPhone SDK released by Apple yesterday. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) makes it possible to use services like Skype to make voice calls using the Internet, avoiding the use of cellular calling plan minutes.

AT&T has restricted VoIP applications on the iPhone to Wi-Fi only in the recent past. Now developers are free to make applications that use the 3G cellular data network to make the same calls. Reports have speculated that FCC pressure over net neutrality issues may have prompted the change in policy.

iPhone OS 3.0 beta 4 and iTunes 8.2 with Blu-ray?

The latest iPhone OS 3.0 beta version is live for developers, and requires installation of the iTunes 8.2 pre-release for activation. Questions and speculation have arisen over a reference to Blu-ray included in the "About iTunes" window of iTunes 8.2.

The text reads: CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and music and video-related data from Gracenote, Inc. Could it be possible that Apple has decided to acquire licensing for Blu-ray technology after all?

iPhone Push Notification Goes Live For Developers

Finally, the moment has arrived. Apple Push Notification service is live and ready for testing by iPhone software developers for the first time. The service promises to extend the usefulness of a wide variety of AppStore applications by allowing them to receive data even when not running.

apple iphone 3.0 push notification

This method eliminates the need for apps to run in the background constantly and drain the already taxed iPhone battery. All registered developers can now participate in the testing program and use the service immediately.


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