Will iPhone OS 3.2 Support Multitasking and Video Calls?

Developers have already started digging into the iPhone OS 3.2 code now that Apple has released the latest SDK in connection with the iPad. There are several hints that increased functionality is on the way in future iterations of the iPhone.

Some of the highlights in the code include ways to accept and decline a video conference, switch a video feed from camera to camera (front and back?), and run a video call in full screen mode or in a window. Could it be that a front-facing camera is on its way to the 4G iPhone for video calling?

Support for video calling within a window have led some to believe that future iPhones will actually support multitasking. Additional discoveries from the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK appear to support SMS messaging on the iPad device, and allow files to be downloaded and saved from within Safari on the iPhone.

It's possible this would allow the iPhone to store files locally and access these downloaded items from another application. The iPhone already allows users to save images from mobile Safari, as well as cut and paste text.

Of course there's no telling which of these features will end up being for real. Apple may have its plans in the works, but developers are forced to speculate until new features are officially released.


I'm hoping the next iPhone has at least 1 of these.
Which would you like to see?

A front lens.
Two lens... front and back.
A switch that flips a tiny mirror than faces the lens front or back.
A pivoting lens that rotates 180 for front/back/middle.

The last idea has all kinds of possibilities:
Take pictures/video just by setting the iphone into any stand, or even laying flat on a desk... with the lens pivoted up towards your face.
(No need to try to hold your camera steady... and arms length... during a 30 mins video-chat.)

*ALL* versions of the iphone OS support multi-tasking.... not just v3.2.

It's the *APPS* that Apple allows/forbids to mult-task.