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Last Minute iPhone SDK Rumor: Mac OS X Only?

Though we're just a few hours away from the scheduled Apple software event in Cupertino, where the iPhone SDK release is expected to be announced, a few last minute rumors are making their way along the grapevine. The latest purported leak, from an anonymous source, suggests that the iPhone development environment may be restricted to those running Mac OS X.

Apple Announces New Macbooks and Macbook Pros, no iPhone SDK

Apple continued its 2008 tradition of Tuesday announcements this morning, but despite the hopes of many iPhone owners and developers out there, not with the release of the official iPhone SDK. Instead, Apple made a potentially bigger splash with the announcement of new models in their enviable Macbook and Macbook Pro notebook lines.

new macbooks

As we reported earlier this week, there was already a rumor floating around that suggested the iPhone SDK would be delayed, possibly until as late as the middle of March. With Apple already making an announcement this Tuesday morning, and February just about to close, the likelihood of that rumor being true is steadily

iPhone SDK Release Delayed: Not Until Mid March?

According to an article recently published on the BusinessWeek web site, the highly anticipated release of the iPhone SDK will be delayed. Originally scheduled for release in "late February" (Apple has never provided a hard date), the iPhone SDK release will now be pushed back into March, the article claims.


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