iPhone SDK Release Delayed: Not Until Mid March?

According to an article recently published on the BusinessWeek web site, the highly anticipated release of the iPhone SDK will be delayed. Originally scheduled for release in "late February" (Apple has never provided a hard date), the iPhone SDK release will now be pushed back into March, the article claims.

According to the source cited by BusinessWeek, there is no justification given by Apple for the delay. The exact timetable of the delay is unclear, as well. However, Business Week claims the delay could be up to 3 weeks - pushing the availability of the iPhone SDK into the middle of March.

Many expected an iPhone SDK release in this coming week, possibly at the rumored - but never confirmed - late February Apple media event.

According to BusinessWeek, Apple had no comment on the rumored delay. BusinessWeek defends its source by citing previous success in prediction of iPhone SDK related matters.

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