Last Minute iPhone SDK Rumor: Mac OS X Only?

Though we're just a few hours away from the scheduled Apple software event in Cupertino, where the iPhone SDK release is expected to be announced, a few last minute rumors are making their way along the grapevine. The latest purported leak, from an anonymous source, suggests that the iPhone development environment may be restricted to those running Mac OS X.

Despite the fact that many would consider blocking out all developers who operate under the Windows operating system a strange move, the source indicates that the iPhone SDK is an enhanced Xcode environment which is a part of Mac OS X and not available for Windows.

The rumor suggests that the iPhone SDK will be an integrated part of the Apple Developer Connection and will be made available through automatic updates, similar to the way the Xcode development environment is managed by Apple.

Unlike many of the rumors that flow out of the iPhone rumor mill, we'll know the validity of this one in a few short hours.

[via iPodNN]