3G iPhone Coming Soon According to Citigroup

If we ever go 30 days without publishing a new "source" of information on the coming of the 3G iPhone, you'll know the 3G iPhone has been released. That said, despite the large volume of rumors that continue to surface on the topic, rarely do they warrant mention. The latest, out of Citigroup, just might.


According to Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner, several sources [have] confirmed the introduction of a new 3G iPhone" in the second quarter of this year. Gardner offered up this information in a research note published following recent meetings with Taiwanese electronics companies. One can reasonably assume then, that

at least one of the "sources" Gardner cited in his note originates with one of the Taiwanese companies.

Many analysts have been downgrading their target prices on AAPL this week, despite retaining strong buy ratings. iPod sales are expected to continue to dissapoint, but due to a number of other factors, most analysts are still considering Apple shares to be a bargain at their current price.

Despite rumors in late 2007 which suggested a 3G iPhone would be released by March of 2008, following Macworld 2008 conventional wisdom had seemingly shifted to expect release of a 3G iPhone in more towards the end of the year -- perhaps shortly before the Christmas retail season. If Gardner's sources turn out to be correct, many will be surprised at the early release.

[via Barron's]


All I have to say is.. About Time! Millions of geeks will rejoice!

That would dovetail nicely with the generally available release of its software update following the three month Beta program with enterprise customers. Upgrading the phone's network speed and Exchange integration are key to capture the business consumer, by far the largest segment of the smartphone market. Apple most likely had to show their hand on the release date in order to publicly and widely engage corporate IT departments and gain their approval for iPhone use within their network environment.