Apple to Add 3G and GPS to New iPhone in Q1 2008

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As we all know, there's never a shortage of rumors spewing out of the "iPhone 2" rumor mill. Usually, they're worth little more than ignoring. Occasionally, however, a report or rumor comes along that's worth talking about. The latest on iPhone 2 seems to be worth a note.

Originally out of and later circulated by various outlets such as AppleInsider and Gizmodo, a new reports suggests that there is solid information that a new incarnation of the Apple iPhone will be coming to consumers in the first quarter of 2008, and it will include 3G connectivity and will be GPS enabled.

According to the report, "people familiar with the production plans" have indicated that a second generation, 3G iPhone is do to roll out early next year. Unfortunately, however, as AppleInsider notes - has what amounts to no record when it comes to predicting Apple moves. While this doesn't give any of us reason to jump for joy at the prediction, the good news is it can keep us from dismissing the claim as pure garbage.

As always, everything is unconfirmed and unverified and you'll no doubt read of another rumor like this in the near future. If it's worth talking about, we'll bring it to you. If not, someone else will.


well, so if i buy an IPhone now it will be worthless,right? cause then i can't have 3G and the GPS thing,right? i hope someone can answer me this... cause it's my real doubt about buying one! thanks and congrats;)

can we upgrade the iphone .. like a software update kinda of thing when the GPS and 3G comes out??

No, you cannot upgrade 3G via a software update. It is like trying to upgrade a 56K modem with a software upgrade... Just not happening

All Apple announcements will be made January 16th. I believe it will be somewhere in the bay area, but either way that doesn't matter because that's definitely WHEN the announcement will be made.

Actually, the 3G (3 Gigabyte) connectivity is not all that fast. Its like comparing high speed to DSL its about the same (phone wise). As for the GPS the iphone has Maps (GPS) Standard so it really doesn't matter. I suggest if you want to get the iphone buy it because waiting for a phone that might not come is pointless. If you want to you can even wait for Verizon to bring out the Prada and get the iphone now!
Your Welcome In Advance!!!!

3G means 3rd generation you fucking moron

you r the moron. 3G refers to the type of technology the phone will have.

YES, DON'T BUY the iPHONE now. ITS waste. Wait for 2nd Generation iPHONE. It will have 3G and GPS and many other features. Wait will be a worth.

The rumor mill on the second gen iPhone keeps on truckin'! I (rhetorically) ask you-- why would Apple release a second gen after Christmas? or in January? or even if February for that matter? IF there is a second gen on the table (and may i remind you that NO ONE can confirm this even though they all claim firsthand knowledge), why would it be slated for any sooner than April '08? apple would continue to sell gen1 through christmas and Q1 (and into Q2) before introducing an updated version. there will ALWAYS be rumors about the 'next best thing' coming from iPhone and Apple- and i would bet that these rumors are ignited (and fueled) by those who denounce Apple or have some grudge against the company- or who might be outright competitors of Apple or ATT. what better way to slow sales of a product than to entice the consumer with the claim of inside knowledge that the next improvement is around the corner?
unfortunately, apple may be partly responsible for the renewed interest in a 2nd gen iPhone rumor. cutting the price a mere 3 months after release (as opposed to the typical "6-8 months later" technological price cut) probably stepped up the claims that a second gen was coming faster than usual (a typical 8-14 months later). but it doesn't change the fact that no "next generation" iPod was ever released less than 9 months after the prior generation (with many actually being a year later). based on Apple's iPod history, the next generation isn't due until at least April. check out the timeline at
of course, it doesn't have to be someone who's got a grudge against the company who starts these rumors. it can be those of us who love the company so much that we're ALWAYS excited about the Next Big Thing from this innovative company- so much so that hypotheses and excited postulations spew forth: some of which stick, some of which don't.
at any rate, this is only my opinion... but at least my opinion is based upon some fact. lest we forget-- close your eyes and try to remember what the rumors about iPhone were 8 months ago. some things turned out to be true (that there would be an exclusive nationwide carrier), but most turned out to be complete horse puckey. a quick search of the internet reveals that second gen iPhone rumors have touted the release as something that would happen in August. and then in September. and now, since we're now at September 30th, i think it would be safe to assume that they're wrong. so the date keeps moving. and people keep waiting.
so, believe what you want. but just try to take everything you read about iPhone with a grain of salt. and don't sit around waiting to get out there and buy the next generation of anything, or you'll quickly find yourself never buying anything at all- because there's ALWAYS something newer around the corner.

Please tell me you didn't use Wikipedia as a viable source.

Well that's how technology works today, and and keeps us coming back for more, obsolete product. You have to be happy with what you have.

Spoke with a friend this morning who works at Apple, and when I told him I was getting ready to shell out the $399 for an iPhone, he suggested I wait until early '08 because of a new release coming, unless I just had to have one now.

Take it for what it's worth, I'll at least wait until Jan. 08 to see if any info is released officially. It would certainly make sense not to release this information prior to Xmas.

The AT&T CEO said to expect a 3G iPhone in 2008 also. He said this publically.

actually you can upgrade it. Went to my local apple store. They said yes.