iOS 6 Allows iPhones to Automatically Switch to 3G When Wi-Fi Isn't Doing the Job

Do you hate when your iPhone doesn't automatically switch to 3G if your Wi-Fi connection is too slow? A new feature in iOS 6 will solve this problem. The new option called "Wi-Fi Plus Cellular" allows your iPhone to automatically switch to a cellular connection when Wi-Fi isn't doing the job. iPhone owners can also manage their data usage by toggling specific services on and off. As you can see from the picture below, the cellular option allows you to turn off access to iCloud Documents, iTunes, FaceTime, Passbook Updates and Reading List.

iOS Features

The "Wi-Fi Plus Cellular" option was discovered within the Settings menu in the latest iOS 6 beta by AppAdvice. The blog also discovered a toggle for Shared Calendar Alerts within the beta. When enabled, the new feature will notify you whenever the shared calendar is modified.

Sprint and Apple Working on iPhone 4S Data Speeds

There's word that Sprint plans to deploy its own 4G LTE network next year to compete with Verizon and AT&T, but right now everyone is talking about 3G speed problems on the iPhone 4S. Unfortunately for Sprint the carrier seems to be experiencing the same woes that plagued AT&T after its record iPhone launches of days past. Support forums are full of people asking questions and wondering why their iPhone 4S is so slow compared to other devices on the same network.

Sprint iPhone 4S data 3G problems

Now reports indicate Apple has stepped in and the problem could be a software issue affecting Sprint iPhone customers nationwide. CNET reports that an internal memo was leaked explaining just that, and a fix for the problem is in the works. Apple made no official statement regarding the issue.

What's Different About the iPhone 4S? [Full Specs]

The iPhone 4S is not the "highly-anticipated" iPhone Apple fans were waiting for. It's safe to assume many fanboys were disappointed by Tim Cook's announcement, but Apple is sticking to its claim that this is the "most amazing iPhone yet." It didn't deliver a new "teardrop" design, or many of the other features we were promised, but it does have the rumored 8 megapixel camera and A5 chip. Hate it, love it or just don't care, here's a list of all the specifications and features for the new iPhone 4S.

iphone 4S

Two Great iPhone Jailbreak Apps for 3G Data

Even though jailbreaking is more accessible to iPhone users than ever before, some may question whether or not apps developed outside the App Store are really necessary. The fact is that Apple limits some functionality for security and other reasons. Here are two great apps that make it possible to do more with your 3G connection if your iPhone is jailbroken.

apple iphone jailbreak app auto 3G

Auto3G switches your iPhone's 3G cellular data connection to EDGE (2G) automatically every time you lock your device. Why not stay connected to the 3G network when the iPhone is locked? Battery life, that's why. Your battery life can be extended when the 3G network is only used when necessary.

App Store Now Allows 20MB 3G Downloads

In a move said to be preparation for the iPad release, Apple has doubled the App Store size limit on 3G cellular network downloads to 20MB. Previously users were prompted to use a Wi-Fi connection or iTunes to download applications larger than 10MB.

The change could put more bandwidth pressure on the AT&T network, however the company has been frantically working to improve speeds and capacity nationwide ahead of the iPad and 4G iPhone releases later this year.


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