iPhone 4

Jet black iPhones in stock, iPhone 4 officially obsolete

iPhone 4 obsolete

Good news for those seeking a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. Stocks of the flagship iPhone in the flagship color have finally caught up with demand, making it possible to pick one up at Apple stores across the US. As usual, there are a couple of different ways to check if an iPhone is in stock before heading to the store. The increased supply could be temporary, however as the Jet Black finish is relatively difficult to manufacture.

What iOS 7 features are missing on the iPhone 4?

Apple's iPhone 4 is the oldest hardware supported by iOS 7. This means that iPhone 4 users can install the latest firmware, however some features are missing. The A4 processor inside the iPhone 4 was first released in March 2010, and is now several generations behind. Here is a list of major iOS 7 features that are missing due to slower processor speeds or missing hardware on the iPhone 4:

Panoramic camera mode
Live camera filter effects
Slow motion video recording
3D flyover in maps
Turn-by-turn navigation
Siri personal assistant

Six iOS 7 Features You Won't Find on the iPhone 4

iOS 7 runs on the iPhone 4 and later, but this doesn't mean that the iPhone 4 supports all of the new features found on Apple's new OS. This happens a lot with Apple's older devices when a new software is released. The iPhone 4's hardware just can't support all the fun things iOS 7 brings to Apple's newer devices. The new OS even looks different on the iPhone 4 because Apple has disabled some of its graphical effects to take the pressure off its older A4 chip.

iPhone 4 iOS 7 Features

For example, the iPhone 4 does not feature live wallpapers and the parallax effect found on the home and lock screens. It also misses out on the wireless peer-to-peer file sharing feature AirDrop, panorama and filters in the Camera app (however you can apply them later in the Photo app), and of course the iPhone 4 is still without Siri and all its new tricks.

How to Replace Your iPhone 4 Vibe Motor and Other Apple Internal Videos

For such a secretive company Apple sure does seem to have a lot of "leaks". The latest comes from a self-proclaimed iOS consultant Sonny Dickson, who leaked some pretty interesting internal Apple training videos and in-store repair guides. The first video entitled "iPhone 4 Vibe Motor Replacement" is a an iPhone 4 repair guide for Apple Store employees.

Other videos include the cult-like "Apple Authorized Service Provider 101", an iPhone 4 SIM tray replacement repair guide and directions on how to test the iPhone 4 camera. You can watch all the purported internal Apple videos on Dickson's YouTube channel, or check out a few below.

Save 15% on BodyGuardz iPhone 4 and 5 Cases [Deals]

Accessory maker BodyGuardz is offering 15% off all their smartphone and tablet cases for Presidents' Day. The sale starts today and ends Monday, February 18th. The sale includes cases and screen protectors for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, iPad and iPad mini. Non-Apple devices include the Samsung Galaxy S3, BlackBerry Z10 and Google Nexus 7.

iPhone Cases

BodyGuards offers many different skins, screen protectors, and stylish cases including its popular Armor Art lineup. The ultra-thin and durable Armor Art skins feature a lot different and interesting custom prints. The basic Armor lineup only features three colors, but are PVC based film / carbon fiber skins which protect your phone from scratches and dings. The mykase series not only protects your iPhone from drops and bumps, but also features a system of interchangeable plates so you can mix and match styles on the fly.


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