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Verizon Reports Strong iPhone 4 Sales at Launch

According to the Wall Street Journal, short lines and quiet Verizon Wireless retail stores are misleading when it comes to iPhone 4 sales. Verizon CEO Daniel Mead responded to allegations that the iPhone 4 launch was a flop, explaining that it has outsold any other device release in Verizon Wireless history.

Apple iPhone 4 sales Verizon Wireless

Staggering the pre-order dates, a strong online sales focus, and wide availability at third party retailers such as Best Buy helped contribute to the small lines. Official sales numbers have not been released, but analysts put the figure of CDMA iPhone 4 units sold in the first pre-order round at half a million. Verizon's next quarterly report will include updates on actual sales quantities.

Consumer Reports: Verizon iPhone 4 Not Recommended

The independent magazine Consumer Reports is warning Verizon customers to "mind the gap" on the left side of their iPhone 4. They have tested the device and determined that the Verizon model iPhone 4 is prone to the same reception issues and dropped calls as the AT&T version they tested last summer. The problem occurs in areas with weak signals when the phone is held a certain way.

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Gripping the left side of the iPhone 4 and bridging the black antenna gap on the lower left side of the device lowers performance and can drop calls in these weak signal areas due to signal attenuation. The problem was widely reported on the AT&T network and Apple offered free Bumper cases to affected users. Consumer Reports, reporting on their Electronics Blog, stated that an Apple Bumper case alleviated the problem.

Verizon iPhone 4 Has Conference Calling Limitations

Several differences between the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 have already been revealed, including changes in the antenna design and other components. What might surprise some people are actual differences in calling capabilities between the two devices. It's not clear whether or not these differences in functionality are due to Verizon's network technology or some other reason, however business users will especially be interested in these calling limitations.

apple iphone 4 verizon wireless CDMA conference call limitation

Unlike the AT&T iPhone 4 pictured at left, the Verizon iPhone 4 doesn't allow users to swap between calls on hold when adding calls to a conference. In fact, both calls pictured here are simultaneously connected and must be hung up together on the Verizon iPhone. In contrast, the AT&T user can switch between calls or join them together to create a conference call.

Verizon iPhone 4 Suffers From Antenna Death Grip

Antennagate could be coming to a Verizon Wireless location near you. Turns out when Apple said any changes to the Verizon iPhone 4 antenna were simply to accommodate the CDMA network, they meant it. Some were hopeful that visible changes in the external antenna design would improve reception problems when the phone is gripped in specific ways.

apple iphone 4 verizon wireless CDMA

Now that the Verizon iPhone has made its way into the hands of consumers there are reports of the same reception issues that AT&T customers experienced. Holding the iPhone in specific ways that cover the sides of the device cause a drop in signal strength due to the external design of the antenna.

Verizon iPhone 4 Already Has Dual-Mode Chip (CDMA/GSM Worldphone)

Now that the Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 has hit the streets, people have started taking it apart to see what makes the device tick. iFixyouri performed a teardown and reveals that the latest Apple handset is shipping with the Qualcomm Gobi MDM6600 dual-mode 3G modem. Currently the chip is only being used for Verizon's CDMA network, as GSM functionality requires a SIM card.

apple iphone 4 verizon wireless hybrid qualcomm baseband

Rumors were flying ahead of the Verizon iPhone 4 release that Apple would launch a hybrid device capable of operating on a variety of networks. Now analysts expect the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will also use the Qualcomm chip, designed to work on both AT&T and Verizon 3G networks as well as networks around the globe.


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