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iOS 4.3.4 Already Jailbroken

On Friday, Apple launched iOS 4.3.4 to patch a vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely take over iOS devices. Unfortunately, this security risk was also the same PDF exploit used by Comex to release JailbreakMe 3.0 a little over a week ago. Not a big deal if you stuck with iOS 4.3.3, but for those of you who didn't get the memo, there is a savior in the form of a tethered jailbreak. Not as good, but better than nothing.

Cydia 4.3.4

Redmond Pie released a tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad (sorry doesn't work for the iPad 2) and iPod touch running iOS 4.3.4.

Over a Million T-Mobile Subscribers Are Using Unlocked iPhones

A T-Mobile spokesperson told 9to5Mac they are carrying more than a million unlocked iPhones on their network. When asked how, the spokesman said people with older iPhone devices had “taken the scissors” to their T-Mobile SIM cards. T-Mobile doesn't offer MicroSiM cards for iPhones, so people had to create their own. Owners of the new unlocked iPhone 4 can't access T-Mobile’s 3G or 4G data speeds, so they will probably want to stick with AT&T.

Unlocked iPhones

iPhone 4 Production on a Decline to Make Room For iPhone 5

The next generation iPhone rumors are steadily increasing while orders for the iPhone 4 are decreasing.

Tech blogs have the iPhone 5 arriving this August, September, November and not at all. There are rumors that Apple's next phone will be the iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5 with new case, and everything in-between, but the closest report that I've seen that even supports a next generation device being released in the near future, comes from the DigiTimes.

iPhone 5 september

The Times reports that Taiwan-based PCB companies are lowering quotes for Apple orders.

"Despite the third quarter being a traditional peak season for the consumer electronics industry, Taiwan-based PCB suppliers have cut quotes for the quarter by 10% on average for their orders placed by Apple, according to industry sources."

iPhone Sale: iPhone 4 Reduced to $147 Through June

Walmart is reducing the price of the 16GB iPhone 4 to $147 through June 30. That's $50 off the regular $197 price.

iphone sale

The sale was announced a few hours before Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, where it is rumored Steve Jobs will announce the iPhone 5. The new deal requires a two-year contract or qualified upgrade, and applies to both the AT&T and Verizon versions of the iPhone 4. The sale lasts from June 6 to June 30.

iPhone 4 Survey: Verizon Drops Less Calls Than AT&T

ChangeWave Research contacted 4,068 iPhone 4 users to get a detailed comparison of Verizon Wireless vs. AT&T Mobility services. According to the survey results, AT&T customers experienced dropped calls almost three times as often in the past 90 days as those with a Verizon iPhone 4. Whereas Verizon subscribers reported a dropped call rate of 1.8 percent, AT&T clocked in at 4.8 percent for the same question.

att vs verizon dropped calls

You might think these numbers would pose a problem for the AT&T customer service department. Actually, when looking at overall customer satisfaction with their iPhone 4, both companies came out even. Very satisfied and somewhat satisfied customers together made up 98 percent of respondents from both AT&T and Verizon.


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