iPhone 4

Verizon Will Offer Unlimited iPhone Data Plan

Remember when AT&T required that all iPhone users pay for an unlimited data plan? Now that the carrier restricts new iPhone contracts to a choice of capped data plans, Verizon Wireless will initially offer its own unlimited plan to iPhone users for $30 per month.

apple iphone verizon cdma wireless january 11 unlimited data

Although this is slightly more expensive than AT&T's 2GB DataPro plan for $25, Verizon is banking on the strength of its network to lure subscribers to a CDMA-compatible iPhone. Analysts have estimated that Apple could sell up to 12 million Verizon iPhones in the first year of release.

Radio Shack iPhone 4 Holiday Sale Returns

Radio Shack's week-long iPhone sale was such a success they've decided to offer the same prices again, this time without announcing an end date. Those who missed their opportunity to cash in on Radio Shack discounts and iPhone trade-in credit can now get the same deals.

apple iphone 4 sale radio shack trade in

The only problem with the successful sale is that Radio Shack moved so many units they are recommending customers call to make sure their local store has the iPhone 4 in stock.

Refurbished iPhone 4 Deals Start at $79 From AT&T

iPhone 4 prices with a two-year contract just keep dropping, thanks to AT&T offering refurbished devices at steep discounts. For only $79, new subscribers can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB with a cosmetic blemish, while the same refurb in new condition goes for only $99.

apple iphone 4 refurbished cosmetic blemish cheap

iPhone 4 32GB models are going for $199 while the cosmetically blemished ones cost only $179. These deals save between $100 and $120 off normal prices. Even refurbished iPhone 3GS models have been slashed, with cosmetic blemish 8GB hardware going for only $19.

Deep Holiday Discounts on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

The unprecedented low price of $147 for a new iPhone 4 is coming to a Sam's Club near you. Following the recent expired Radio Shack promotions, Sam's club will undercut record low prices on the iPhone 4 by an additional two bucks. The iPhone 3GS will go on sale for just $47.

apple iphone discount cheap deal

Radio Shack sold out of the iPhone nationwide during its sale, and Best Buy offered the iPhone 3GS for free in a one-day only sale. Here's the catch, to qualify for these low prices at Sam's Club you must be a member and sign up for a two-year service agreement with AT&T Mobility.

More Hints of End to AT&T Exclusive iPhone Deal

The question isn't if Apple's exclusive iPhone deal with AT&T Mobility will end. The question is when, and the answer looks more like early 2011 if recent comments by AT&T CFO Richard Lindner are to be believed. Speaking at the UBS Media and Communications Conference, Lindner explained simply that exclusive arrangements end.

att iphone exclusive contract over

He emphasized that regardless of this inconvenient fact, AT&T has a diversity of phones to offer consumers. Although he didn't give any details, other news this week also points to AT&T rival Verizon Wireless offering Apple a sweet deal to keep the iPhone off of Sprint and T-Mobile's networks in the US.


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