Second Generation 3G iPhone Release Delayed?

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Although as of this point the only real confirmation of a second generation, 3G iPhone coming in 2008 is from AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, news today indicates that release date may already be pushed back. The push back, should it be a reality, is seemingly a result of Apple's desire to keep sales of the iPhone robust during this holiday shopping season - fearing that a looming release of a newer, better iPhone might scare off potential customers.

The next generation iPhone release date may be pushed back anywhere from two to six months. According to statements from Mehdi Hosseini, an analyst from Friedman Billings Ramsey & Company, "recent checks" have indicated that what was believed to be a March or April release for the new, 3G iPhone could now be pushed back as far as late summer.

Does this mean that you should resume your off put plans to buy an iPhone for yourself for Christmas this year? Well, as before, that's up to you. Chances are there won't be a second gen iPhone release date that anyone considers concrete until it comes from Apple itself, and that's certainly not going to come until sometime in 2008. So, if you haven't gotten your hands on an iPhone and are itching to - go buy one. If you'd rather hedge your bets to avoid buyer's remorse in 2008, that's an option as well. Just don't expect firm answers anytime soon.

[via MacNN]


Only real confirmation? How about...

"You can expect a 3G iPhone later next year... We are working on the next iPhone already, the one after that and the one after that."

This from the grandmaster himself, Steve Jobs, during a press conference at at the Regent Street Apple store in London, on September 18th, 2007.


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If true, the release of the 3G iPhone in a few months would outpace AT&T (NYSE: T)’s plans to expand its 3G network to 350 new markets in the US. Still, we have no problem dealing with a bit of spotty 3G coverage in return for an early crack at the next-generation iPhone. ---
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