2nd Generation iPhone Rumors Keep Popping Up

Those of you who followed the iPhone closely in the months and weeks leading up to its release remember the ever powerful rumor mill that constantly churned out iPhone gossip. As we're all learning, and to little surprise, even the release of the iPhone can't stop iPhone release speculation. Here we are, only about 3 weeks into the iPhone era, and we're already muddling through rumors about the next iPhone. We've written about this a bit in the past, but mostly opted not to. This time there are some real details behind the latest speculation, information worth making note of.

Engadet, today, featured some tidbits about a DigiTimes article which cited a recent report in the Chinese-language Commercial Times newspaper which indicates that Taiwan-based Wintek has gained touch screen panel orders from Apple for its second-generation iPhone. According to DigiTimes,

The report claims that the new iPhone from Apple will begin shipping in September with prices ranging from US$249-299. The paper added that Apple recently visited Wintek to deliver instructions on manufacturing and the company has begun test production in small volumes.

DigiTimes also reported last week that WinTek had won a contract to produce Apple's first touch screen iPod, it's new iPod video. These are rumored to begin shipping in the second half of 2007.

As always, there's a good deal of ambiguity. Other Chinese-language media sources previously reported Quanta Computer to be the manufacturer for the next incarnation of the iPhone. JP Morgan, who reported on the upcoming release of the second iPhone in the form of an iPhone nano, has repealed its predictions and now states specifically that they do not expect a second generation iPhone until a 3G iPhone arrives.

[via DigiTimes, Engadget]


I think I know exactly what Apple is doing. Let's think about the company for a second:
They make some seriously superious hardware and software as far as computers and MP3 players go. Just because they aren't a phone company doesn't mean that they wouldn't know just about EVERYTHING about phones. All they have to do is research and test for years.
If I'm inventing the iPhone and I'm Apple, I know that it's going to come along with a huge amount of hype. If I want to sell iPhones long-term, then I can't out-do myself with the first one. So what do I do?
I'll tell you waht I'll do.
I'm going to make an amazing phone. I mean absolutely amazing... but I'm just going to leave some holes. Just a few things to be desired.
So what happens now?
Everyone buys my phone up. They make a bunch of reviews and the media tries its best to destroy my superior product. Then people start complaining that it's not perfect. It's not imperfect because I can't make it perfect, I DON'T WANT IT TO BE.
Now, when I make a 2nd generation iPhone, all I have to do is a few things. Make it hold 20GB of space. Connect to the superfast internet. Give it PIX messaging. And whatever else people are complaining about.
Then when I make the 3rd one, I'll probably add some newer innovation (it can do your homework and make you breakfast) that makes it even more amazing and I release it for every major phone service provider.
Anyone can make something practically perfect. Technology is made purposefully to become obsolete so that you HAVE to get the next best thing.

i definitely agree with this. it is SO true. i was thinking of buying an iPhone, but i heard so much about Apple coming out with a second generation iPhone. So i said to myself " im just going to get the 2nd gen...Since it'/s going to have way more new features, faster internet...etc... so yeah.
That comment you left was great. i agree with you most definitely.

WOW... Your insight is mind-bending.

Thats how business is run. Just look at computers nowadays. New computers are obsolete in what two years at the most. More memeory storage, newer faster hard drives, hd media drives, the list goes on and on. Everybody is going to want the best and the fastest ASAP.

Well this idea isn't just limited to generations of a particular product. Ever see how no Nokia phone has ALL the features? Its not just the point of one-size-doesn't-fit-all, its more of how-else-will-I-have-a-wide-range.

Well now there is a 5th generation.. and 6 months later the 6th.. seems like the release dates are getting closer together..

"It's" a problem---the distracting, incorrect use of the apostrophe throughout the article with regard to the word "it." "It's" always means "it is." Possessive form of it should be "its." Didn't anyone pay attention in English class?

Ann - thanks for pointing out the one typo that lead to "it's".

I think you mean "led" to. Or was that just another typo?

Guess so.

sweet bitch.
you know your grammar.

if only you put all the effort you do into finding grammatical errors on blogs into getting a man...
but until then, you're a failure at life.

big deal grammar nazi!



well... seriously. that i phone nano and shuffle and shouldnt even be there.
what i've realized about the iPhone is that, yes, it has the internet, and a lot of people text message these days, but where is the instant messenger on the phone? With all that high-technology, you'd think that an iPhone would have atleast a lousy version of yahoo messenger or AIM or even windows messenger. Most of every other phone has it. Why doesn't this one?

That will be available in the second or third generation =p

From what I hear, instant messaging of some form will be available with the new software update due out in June. I could be wrong, I'm no genius in these matters, but thats what I was told by Apple when I bought my phone. *crosses fingers, and hopes it's true*

sooo i went to the att store yesterday and i got some scoop....june 29th apple has like the whole day blocked off nation wide in all att stores....maybe the release date for the second gen iphone???? thats wat i think.... alllsssoooo there was a paton list and theres a menu app exclusively with starbucks which would make it so that when u walk into starbucks (that will be tranfered over nation wide to att) iphone users will get on the s-bucks wifi and will be able to order their drink without waiting in line and will be able to pay for the drink with their iphone...via saved payment options.....jsut some rumors that were showing up in the att computers....hope that stirs up some happy feelings....maybe a new iphone this summer?!?!?