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Video: First iPhone Running Hacked 2.0, New Features + Any Carrier

A new video of an iPhone running iPhone firmware 2.0 has surfaced. Posted on Gizmodo earlier, the video shows an iPhone running a fully hacked iPhone firmware 2.0 (or 1.2, depending on who you're asking) and demonstrates many of the new features found in the updated firmware.

The 2.0 hack was completed by the iPhone Dev Team, and the hole that was found is described by the Dev Team to be considerably difficult for Apple to close. According to Gizmodo, the hole may be considered "impossible" to close.

The hacked 2.0 firmware allows any GSM carrier and the installation of any third party software. Watch the video below to see the 2.0 iPhone in action

Sun to Bring Java to the Apple iPhone

After last week's announcement of the iPhone SDK, there have been a bevy of announcements and brainstorming sessions regarding what new applications will become available for the iPhone. One that many may not have counted on? Java. However, according to Sun Microsystem's vice president of Java marketing, Eric Klein, Sun is underway with efforts to bring a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to the iPhone.

The JVM for the iPhone will be based on Java ME (micro edition) and will be distributed via the iPhone App Store for free to users who wish to add Java support to their iPhone.

Apple Strangely Crippling Legitimate 3rd Party Apps?

As developers and other interested parties sift through the iPhone SDK, many new details are emerging. While most of these are positive, more recently some troublesome details have come to light. Several iPhoneFAQ readers have written in informing us of some strange limitations Apple is evidently placing on applications developed via the newly released SDK.

These limitations may place significant limitations on the types of software that can be developed for the iPhone using the SDK. These limitations include,

"iFund" to put $100 million behind iPhone application developers

Bay Partners turned many a head in the financial and software development worlds when it drummed up $10 million dollars last year to fund application development for Facebook. On Friday, San Francisco venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers trumped that offer ten times over, by establishing a $100 million dollar fund to back software development for the Apple iPhone.

iPhone SDK Officially Released, Here's the Deal

After being delayed beyond the "late February" release date Apple provided at Macworld 2008, the official iPhone SDK was released today at Apple's iPhone Software Roadmap event in Cupertino, CA. The event also included information on the release of new iPhone Firmware, version 2.0, coming in June.

iphone roadmap

The SDK is now available for download via Apple's website. iPhone applications developed with the SDK will be built in Xcode. Xcode is the same development environment under which standard OS X applications are developed. This makes earlier rumors that the iPhone SDK would be for Mac OS X users only


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