Sun to Bring Java to the Apple iPhone

After last week's announcement of the iPhone SDK, there have been a bevy of announcements and brainstorming sessions regarding what new applications will become available for the iPhone. One that many may not have counted on? Java. However, according to Sun Microsystem's vice president of Java marketing, Eric Klein, Sun is underway with efforts to bring a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to the iPhone.

The JVM for the iPhone will be based on Java ME (micro edition) and will be distributed via the iPhone App Store for free to users who wish to add Java support to their iPhone.

Evidently, Sun made the decision to bring Java to the iPhone after only 24 hours with Apple's newly released iPhone SDK. After examining the SDK, Sun was apparently unable to detect any restrictions which would prevent them from developing a Java VM for the iPhone.

Sun hopes to be able to bring more expanded Java products, such as the SE (standard edition) and JavaFX.

[via InfoWorld]