iPhone OS 3.0 beta 4 and iTunes 8.2 with Blu-ray?

The latest iPhone OS 3.0 beta version is live for developers, and requires installation of the iTunes 8.2 pre-release for activation. Questions and speculation have arisen over a reference to Blu-ray included in the "About iTunes" window of iTunes 8.2.

The text reads: CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and music and video-related data from Gracenote, Inc. Could it be possible that Apple has decided to acquire licensing for Blu-ray technology after all?

Other changes in the latest iPhone OS 3.0 beta are minor by comparison. The Store Settings panel has been populated with fields that allow users to log into multiple iTunes accounts and view account settings.

The camera has been revised with the addition of a Retake button for MMS composition. After the photo is taken, the Use button will insert the image in a multimedia message, and the Retake button will allow the photo to be redone.

Apple Notes can no longer be synced with iTunes. Mac OS X 10.5.7 is required, although this version of Apple's desktop operating system has not yet been released.

iPhone OS 3.0 beta 4 is listed as build 7A300g. The new version of the iPhone software development kit (SDK) is build 9M2734.