iPhone X

Apple reveals new iPhones, Dick Tracy watch arrives

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple blew the doors off its Steve Jobs Theater today with a long list of new products and announcements. The annual keynote marked the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Apple showed off its latest creations and explained just when consumers can expect to pre-order and receive the latest in Apple tech. In addition to the iPhone X (iPhone "Ten") and the iPhone 8, Apple delivered updates in the Apple TV 4K and the Apple Watch Series 3.

How do I open the App Switcher on the iPhone X?

iPhone X owners can no longer double tap their Home button to open the App Switcher on their device. Instead you must swipe up halfway from the bottom on your display when using an app then pause to open the multitasking window. This allows you to quickly switch between apps or close apps when frozen. If you do not pause while swiping up you will return to the Home screen.


How do I open Control Center on the iPhone X?

The lack of a physical Home button on the iPhone X has changed the way Apple users interact with their device. Swiping up on your display now takes you to your Home screen instead of opening Control Center. To open Control Center on the iPhone X, you must now swipe down from the top right corner of your display. From here you can access all your Control Center controls, like the Flashlight or Do Not Disturb mode.



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