Apple Considering Offering Unlimited iTunes Music Downloads for iPhone, iPod

An article published today by the Financial Times reports that Apple is in the process of exploring offering unlimited music download from iTunes at no cost to customers who purchase an iPhone or iPod. The concept is basically the same as the Nokia "comes with music" program which the handset manufacturer offers in partnership with Universal Music.

itunes music downloads

Essentially, either program would allow customers, who have purchased a handset or MP3 player at an inflated price, to download unlimited music and keep that music


New Details on Next Generation iPod - the iPod Touch?

A variety of sources are reporting on new details that have supposedly emerged about the new, 6th generation iPod. Though, as to be expected, these reports are unconfirmed, they seem to be gathering a good deal of attention.

apple logo for the new ipod 6th generation

A mac enthusiast website, 9to5Mac, has indicated that they have in their possession a photo of the yet-to-be-released next generation iPod. Unfortunately, due to previous entanglements with Apple's legal department, they are neglecting to publish it. Instead, they have published a description of the new iPod, which offers up the following details


Supposed Video of 6th Generation iPod Circulating

A video has surfaced that is supposedly a demo of the user interface for the upcoming 6th generation Apple iPod. The video was produced by dapreview.net, a digital audio player review site. It should come as no surprise that the interface shown in the demo looks a good deal like the interface of the Apple iPhone.

Still, have a look at the video, and one can definitely wonder whether the video is legitimate or just a clever ruse.



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