iTunes 9.0.1

iPhone Update 3.1.2... No Battery Fix?

Ready to download 306 megabytes of Apple iPhone update? If you're looking for a fix for your outrageous 3.1 battery drain then keep looking.

Apple has released 3.1.2 firmware (skipping 3.1.1 altogether) but the bug fixes they have included might not help everyone. The most significant problem that 3.1.2 fixes is the so-called "coma" or "zombie" bug, where an iPhone refuses to wake from sleep.

Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.1 Update

Only two weeks after releasing iTunes 9, Apple has released an update with numerous bug fixes and improvements. One notable change is that the green zoom button brings up the mini-player, just like it did before iTunes 9 took that away.

iphone itunes 9.0.1

Another issue resolved by iTunes 9.0.1 is the ordering of podcasts. Some users were complaining that these files were not sorted properly in version 9.

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