Motorola Droid

iPhones Are Weak Frou-Frou and Clueless

Should a phone be pretty? At least the ad whiz who came up with the latest Droid spot embraces the clunky, awkward design they are stuck promoting. "It's not a princess, it's a robot."

iPhone on display

Now that the Droid "does" it also smashes televisions, duct tapes racehorses to missiles, tears through metal and busts through cinderblock walls. Do I smell desperation?

iPhone's Apple Logo Will Survive the Droid Launch

The Apple logo on the back of your iPhone now has competition. Next week it will be possible to carry around a mobile device with three corporate logos!

droid motorola verizon google android

Verizon, Motorola and Google each get their own billboard space on the Droid, scheduled for release next week. In a brazen act of branding, two of these logos (Verizon and Motorola) actually appear on the front AND back of the Droid.

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