AT&T: iPhone on target for June release

Reuters reported today that a senior AT&T executive has indicated the iPhone is on target for it's release sometime during the month of June.

In recent weeks, internal moves at Apple and reports of battery life testing issues have generated a good deal of speculation that the iPhone would not be available to customers as early as previously reported.

The latest from AT&T, currently Apple's exclusive partner in release of the iPhone, says otherwise. Reuters quoted CEO Randall Stephenson indicating that testing is on schedule and has offered promising results.


Is the Deeda the First Real iPhone Competitor?

There have been a lot of news stories since the announcement of the Apple iPhone touting multimedia or smartphone products from other companies as "iPhone killers" or some other label that suggests the device might beat the iPhone to it's proverbial punch. The only problem has been that these devices don't stand up to what we know about the iPhone, or fall into another device genre altogether. The announcement of a new line of products from Brevisys Technologies, a Boston, MA company, may change all of that.



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