Only 6% to buy Apple iPhone? Only 6%?

iphone-proto.jpgMany press release relays, blogs, and other internet news outlets are reporting today on an Apple iPhone customer survey by Norwalk, CT market research firm, Markitecture. The numbers, at a glance, may be misleading. Most of these reports have spun the survey results to be negative in nature, when it reality they may be quite positive.

One of the biggest concerns on the minds of consumers and analysts alike is this high price point of the Apple iPhone (announced to be $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB model). Like most of Apple's products, there is little doubt regarding the quality or appeal of the upcoming iPhone. The question is, exactly how many people are going to be willing to cough up upwards of $500 to put and iPhone in their pocket?

According to the survey, as few as 6% of prospective customers currently state they expect to lay out the cash required to pick up Apple's latest and greatest. Markitecture surveyed 1300 individuals and found that despite more than 3/4 of those surveyed being familiar with the iPhone, and almost half of those being under a favorable impression about the device, only a small portion of these individuals expected to actually buy it.

Six percent in the mobile phone industry does not mean the same thing six percent means in the notebook computing, tax accounting software, or pineapple importing industry. As the survey itself points out, a 6% tally in the mobile phone industry is quite a healthy percentage.

Just this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer lashed out at the iPhone by suggesting that the iPhone would achieve no more than a 2% or 3% market share (read Ballmer's comments here). If the numbers out of Markitecture's survey holds true, the Apple iPhone would be considered a rousing success. Not only would they at least double Ballmer's prediction, but based roughly on the number of mobile phone units sold globally, Apple would exceed their own targets as well.



Yeah, that's the folly of the way this survey is getting played. 6% would blow past Apple's wildest dreams.

The same goes for Ballmer's comments last week. The 2-3% he laughed at the iPhone "only" getting is ridiculous. If the iPhone can manage 2-3% in one year while Windows Mobile hasn't managed to crack the 5% mark in the years it has been in the game....

Well considering Apple stated they'd be happy with just a 1% market share, I think 6% would be a pretty good result.

LOL, the author needs a lesson on 9th grade math. Statistics are 100% relative? Lacks basic math understanding, hence, point of article is meaningless.

Peter - Statistics are completely relative to their subject matter. You're missing the point.

The point being that six percent market share in some markets is something to be dissapointed about, while in others it is something to get excited about.

By manipulating the context surrounding any statistical figure, you can deliver it to mean any number of things.

Though, I will admit, it would have been preferable to leave that sentence out as it is bound to lead to confusion. In fact, thanks for the edit. :)


People love a searing headline. Even when there isn't one.

I bet Apple would kill for 6% market share. That'd be huge.

She will be mine....
Regardless of whatever statistics there may be out there I am calling bullshit. Apple blew everyone out of the water with the iPod because it simply worked, and I feel sure the iPhone will do even better. People will realize they are dealing with a user interface that is actually pleasant, and it will blow the others out of the water. Like when you see someone using an iPod and someone using the non-iPod standing side by side. The one using the non-iPod looks like there is a rope being pulled from his ass. The one using the iPod looks like he is enjoying life.