Apple Considers Increasing iPhone Screen Up To 6 Inches

The Wall Street Journal reports rumors are once again surfacing that Apple is considering plans to introduce iPhones with screens between 4.8 and 6 inches, a significant increase from the current standard of 4 inches. These “phablets” would be a cross between a phone and the larger sized tablets already on the market.

6 Inch iPhone

While this is not something Apple is planning to announce this coming Tuesday, insiders are saying it is being considered as the company seeks new opportunities for expansion. The size increase would be the first since the iPhone was introduced in 2007.

According to Apple Insider, CEO Tim Cook was quoted in April saying larger screen devices would not be shipped until it is determined how the change in size would effect “battery life, color reproduction, and longetivity among others.” Of course, nothing is set in stone. The company often explores various avenues for growth internally before choosing to commit to one publicly.

[via WSJ, Apple Insider]