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Square’s Cash App Adds Bluetooth Payment Option

Square has added yet another way for users of their Cash app to make simple mobile payments. Version 2.1 of the app allows users to locate other users nearby and send them cash over Bluetooth. Here's how it works according to the press release: "With Cash for iOS 8, customers can now choose to make themselves visible to anyone in the same space as them, or just to friends. The app can detect other Cash customers within 250 feet of the sender or recipient - making payments quick and convenient. The app update for iOS 8 also includes the ability to swipe a push notification to approve and reject a payment request."

Square Cash

Cash is a free app for Apple devices which allows users to send or request money from anyone using an email, phone number or Bluetooth. The app can be used to split dinner bills, to remind your friend that he lost that $10 bet and so on. Money received through Cash is deposited directly to your bank account within 1-2 business days, depending on your bank.

Square Updates Cash App to Version 2.0, Adds Ability to Request Money From Anyone

Square has updated its money transferring app, Cash, to version 2.0. The update adds several improvements, like the ability to request or send money to anyone in your address book even if they do not have the app installed. The app has also received a makeover that promises to deliver a "faster sending interface". Other new features include the ability to import your address book, add notes to payments and receive push notifications for payments and requests.

Cash 2.0

Cash users have sent and received hundreds of millions of dollars through the app, according to Square. Square says people use their app to split dinner bills, group vacations and even pay for school supplies. Users can request money from up to 25 people at once, which is perfect for reminding the deadbeats in your fantasy football league that they still owe their entry fee.

iOS App of the Week: Square Cash - Easily Send and Request Money on Your iPhone

The money transferring app Square Cash has recently added the ability to request money from an individual or group using any iOS device. The new feature makes it easy for users to collect money from large groups such as fantasy football entry fees or dues for community clubs or events. It is also a good way to avoid awkward conversations with people who owe you money, an easy way to pay large group dinner bills, or a way for parents to transfer money to college students.

Square Cash

Using Square Cash is as easy as composing an email. Just open the app, select the amount of money you want to request or send, then add an email address, and Square Cash will do the rest. The money will be automatically deposited to your bank account within 1-2 business days after the recipients pay.

Square Cash App Allows Easy Money Transfer

Square Cash is a new, free service that allows users to send money through email. With a limit of up to $2,500, the program requires a sender to compose an email, cc cash@square.com and enter the amount you want to send. There are no extra fees or steps aside from linking a debit card to your account through the Square website and hitting send. It’s a simple, one-step process. The funds are deposited in the recipient’s linked account and available in one to two business days.

Square Cash

Square Cash is primarily an email based system, but Square has developed an iPhone and Android app which opens a keypad that allows the user to enter in the amount they wish to transfer, and the app automatically places the amount into an email and cc’s cash@square.com for them.

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