WiFi HotSpot 2.0

WiFi HotSpot 2.0 Spotted at iOS 7 Keynote

One of the many iOS 7 features not mentioned but spotted at Apple's WWDC keynote was WiFi HotSpot 2.0. The Wi-Fi Alliance's Passpoint certification program made a quick cameo with several other new iOS 7 features towards the end of the event. You can see it listed on the right hand side under "Notification sync" in the image posted below.

iOS 7 Features

Apple's new operating system will support HotSpot 2.0 which aims to make roaming public Wi-Fi networks easier. The new authentication system allows users to switch between Passpoint-supported hotspots without having to enter a password each time. This only works with Passpoint-enabled hotspots, but several large companies like AT&T, Boingo, CableVision, Comcast and TimeWarner are already conducting trials, according to ArsTechnica.

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