How do I turn on dark mode in Wikipedia?

Not only is dark mode easier on the eyes in low light, it also conserves power on OLED devices such as iPhone X. Like many other apps, Wikipedia has added several color themes to its app, including Sepia, Dark and Black. To use them, tap the Settings gear icon then select "Reading Preferences." Choose your theme - black is darker than dark so it will conserve more power. If you choose dark or black you will also have the option to dim images.


5 new features of Wikipedia Mobile you have to try

Wikipedia Mobile iOS

Recently, Wikipedia released an update to their beloved mobile app that makes it better than ever.

Based around the idea of making it easier and more enjoyable to simply browse Wikipedia at random as opposed to just using it as a reference when you wish to view something specific, this latest update is best summarized by its new buzzword “explore.” More than just a theme, explore is also the name of the apps new landing page which shows you information such as a random article and image of the day.

Native App Sweetness: GeoPedia, Location Aware Wikipedia

We always enjoy keeping our readers up-to-date on the latest in third party applications available for the iPhone, especially when they are this darn good. Yesterday, a new application named GeoPedia was released. GeoPedia takes advantage of geographic positioning functionality, like those introduced in iPhone firmware 1.1.3, and provides iPhone owners with a Wikipedia feed customized to their current location.

Once installed, one need only launch GeoPedia on their iPhone to receive a iPhone stylized interface featuring a list of Wikipedia articles relevant to the phone's location. Check out the sample screen shot below for an example of GeoPedia's interface.

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