How do I boot my iPhone with a tethered jailbreak?

How do I boot my iPhone with a tethered jailbreak?

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS MC model with redsn0w you must boot the device tethered for Cydia to work and the device to operate in a jailbroken state. To boot your iPhone tethered follow these steps:

1. Plug your iPhone into your computer.
2. Turn off the iPhone.
3. Follow these instructions to put the iPhone in DFU mode.
4. Run the redsn0w program on your computer.
5. Navigate to Extras and select Just Boot.
6. Follow the on-screen instructions and your iPhone will boot jailbroken.


My iphone rebooted after being tethered, and is stuck on the apple boot logo. I have redsn0w, but it says to just boot tethered right now i have to turn the iphone off. It won't turn off, it's stuck on the boot logo! :(

hold the power/home button together until the screen goes off

Hold the power button+volume up+home button until switch off

I used redsnow and installed Cydia and booted tethered and I saw the pineapple instead of the apple but it still boots up wanting to connect to Itunes and it doesn't look jailbroken

Hey I have the same problem. I have the iphone 4. I jailbreak it successfully but when I go and do a tethered boot I get to the pineapple, the redsnow program says done and then it get stuck on the apple forever!! I hold the power and home screen down together to get out of the loop but I am stumpped on how to make the reboot work.

Any help please!!

I have exacty the same problem ):

yes i can help just download ibooty on pc and install it open ibooty up and select device and press start and do what it says. it will boot up after you did it

i got the same problm my iphone is stuck but it gives logo of itunes and USB cable wht should i do..

yes just hold down the power button for 3seconds and while holdin down the power button hold down the home button for 10 seconds

I've got the same problem, my device is iphone 3GS Unloked, how did you fix your Problem !!

I used evasion

I got a pumpkin instead of apple VIRUS :'-( my poor iPhone rest in peace lad

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I have an tethered iPhone 3gs and I was going to boot it again but I accidently clicked Jailbreak because i was going too fast. Then I saw what happened and it started jailbreaking it already so I disconnected my iphone now its stuck in the Apple logo, i can't turn it off or on. Help what to do? My iphone 3gs is unlocked and it 5.0 or 5.1

i pressed just boot on a non jailbroken iphone now my phone wont turn on what do i do?

i had recently updated to ios 6.1.3 from ios 4.1 on my 3gs and it was not activating so i put it through red snow to jail break and i was doing the holding and releasing button step when it shut down and it wont start now. i dont know what to do so please help me!

Could someone please tell me what the status of my iPhone3 is ? Following an incomplete jailbreak, where the tutorial told me to hold the power button and the home button down simultaneously (which I couldn't do, because the power button is damaged), my phone now keeps asking for a sim on the homescreen, over the background picture of a USB cable disconnected from an iTunes bubble, the unlock slide says "slide for emergency" and it only takes me to a dial available for emergency calls and when i try to connect it to iTunes via USB, nothing happens except for a short beep from the phone. Itunes does not recognize the phone.

What I'd like to know is: if I were to replace the broken power button, would I be able to reset to factory settings and make the phone usable again ? And could I attempt another jailbreak ?

First get in dfu mode Itunes will Ask. You to restore iphone restore it after you can. Jailbroke your device. I hope it helped ps sorry for my bad english

ok soo my uncle gave me his old iphone 3gs. everytime i power it up its on the connect to itunes logo and it was jail broken... apperently someone tried to upgrade the software on it and messed it up now when its connected to itunes and i click restore i get the error 1015 i have tried putting it in DFU mode and booting up a custom firmware but it still dont work! i want to try something other than itunes to boot it back up now or someting please i need help!!

I have just rebooted my iPod 4G succesfully, it comes up with the apple logo and then runs fine, but it reboots without a jailbreak? It still seems normal?

chk this tutorial

When i was activating on of my jail break tweak called face2
My i phone 4s rebooted and in the middle of it cutting on my Apple logo
Desepeard and the screen get blank it keeps restarting by it self and i healed my power
And home button its rebooting but its still showing ablank screen what to do?

downgrade my iphone4 ios 7.1.2 to ios 6.1.3 but the setup app file i delete then iphone wsa bypass but more than five minute my iphone power is off and auto dfu mode how can i fix this

The Pineapple logo not come after the Just Boot process... please help ;)