iOS 6 Dream Jailbreak Video Has Been Uploaded to YouTube: Is it a Fake? [Updated]

Update: Dream Jailbreak is a confirmed fake! After two days of hilarity, Dream JB's iOS 6 Jailbreak led to a Rick Roll.

The jailbreak community anticipated the greatest Rick Roll in internet history, but they got a dodgy jailbreak video instead. An unknown hacker calling himself "Dream JB," promised the world he would deliver an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for all current iOS devices on December 22. The jailbreak community instantly smelled scam since he is not associated with any known dev team, and has chosen to remain anonymous. To prove he's legit, Dream JB promised video proof today that his jailbreak does work. After a long day of hilarious tweets calling him a fake, Dream JB delivered the first of two videos showing off his mysterious Dream Jailbreak.

There are already hundreds of YouTube comments questioning the authenticity of the video, and the well known iOS hacker chpwn already called it a fake on Twitter:

@DreamJailbreak Nice try, but aren’t you supposed to make the fake at least somewhat believable? It’s more fun when it’s not so obvious.

@DreamJailbreak (A tip: iOS boots to the lock screen, not the home screen. You only get that animation by exiting an app made to fake it.)

You can watch Part 1 of Dream JB's purported jailbreak above. Part 2 is currently being uploaded to the "Official Dream JB" YouTube page. According to the YouTube description, Part 1 shows the "performing of the jailbreak procedure", and Part 2 will "outline usage of Cydia as well as a restart" to prove it's untethered.

I also urge you to read the hilarious YouTube comments as you wait for Part 2 to be uploaded. That way, even if this turns out the be one of the biggest JB fakes in iOS history, you'll at least have been thoroughly entertained.