How can I search my iPhone?

How can I search my iPhone?

iPhone OS 3.0 and later includes Spotlight search to find any content anywhere on your device. There are three ways to access the main spotlight screen:

1. Click the home button when you are looking at the home screen.
2. Swipe to the right with one finger when on the home screen. Spotlight search is the screen to the left of the home screen.
3. If you are not looking at the home screen, first exit any application you might be running. Click the home button once to return to the home screen. Then click the home button a second time to bring up Spotlight.

To use Spotlight simply enter a search term in the Search iPhone field at the top of the screen. A list of results will appear organized by application (Mail, Notes, iPod etc.)

If you're interested in only searching in one application:

In Contacts, the search bar is above your first contact alphabetically organized. Swipe down until you scroll to the very top of your contacts list and the search field will appear.

Mail inboxes can be searched the same way. While looking at your inbox swipe down to reveal the search field above the most recent email message at the top of the screen.

To search in the iPod application, swipe down until you reveal the search field at the top of the screen. This works whether you're looking at one album, artist or your entire music library.


I've got an iPhone4s and 5, fully updated. I noticed a while back that a certain contact I'd deleted from my contact list would still show up when I would go to address a text. I would type the first letter of the name of the person I intended to send it to - which was the same first letter of the person's name I had deleted - and that name would still pop up as an option. I didn't think much of it, but more recently I realized by accident that if I do the right side swipe from the home screen that takes me to the general Search option, it's still pulling up multiple texts from this person, even though I've obviously deleted all those texts from my phone. Also in testing all that out, I saw that it's still bringing up a LOT of old texts that I deleted a long time ago. When I click those texts (both from the deleted person and the previously deleted threads), it'll just take me to my text overview page. It doesn't *actually* open the old text. But still, it gives that preview of the texts when they pull up from the search.