Will my alarm sound when the iPhone is on silent / mute?

Will my alarm sound when the iPhone is on silent / mute?

Muting all of the alerts and noises generated by iOS 7 on the iPhone can bring peace and quiet. But does putting the iPhone into silent mode prevent alarms from going off?

iOS 7 on silent alarm

Rest assured, when an alarm is set with the stock Clock app, it will sound even if the iPhone ringer is off. That means you can safely mute other sounds and still count on the alarm to go off at a preset time.


Thanks for missing my plane after (silent on - vibrate on silent off)
After setting my Alarm at 9:00 pm, i woke up at 3:00 am, tap to snooze alarm, with no sounds at all

Happen to me today, late for work. Dumb apple.

Late for work same here, if your sound is low or off, the alarm sound will be low or off but only buzz, tested it. Don't try it.

I silenced my iPhone 6s Plus for Wednesday night service at church and while my pastor was preaching my alarm went off lol..I guess it's a good thing so I can't oversleep for work/school

Got a new iPhone yesterday. Kept my deactivated Samsung alarm anyway and placed it right next to my new shiny apple. Placed apple phone sounds of mute. Set the alarm for 6:30am. Never heard the alarm go off on the apple. My deactivated Samsung (set at 6:45am just in case) woke me up.

Lol you really set the alarm for 4:20

Well Idk what everyone on here is doing wrong but I just tested my iPhone 7+ while the sound and alerts were silent. And yes the phone went off as planned and was just as loud as it was programmed to be. So maybe their phones are faulty and should check them out. I love my iPhone 7+ it's the best phone I've had so far. Thanks Apple!!❤️❤️❤️

Did it change with last update? I constantly have my ringer off working nights and just recently it stopped sounding with ringer off! I was almost late to work.

Mine will also not work. the alarm "goes off" like the screen for the alarm goes/ flashes at the set time but no sound---never had this problem before...

Yes, with the last update, I lost the alarm sound when I silence my phone! Late to work! I'm a teacher!!

Me too! I don't know what the latest update has messed up but when my phone is on silent mode, the alarm sound is mute! I have been late twice to work because of this issue. This is so frustrating!

1.03am? Perhaps this is the reason you’re sleeping in! Poor children!

Okay everyone, here is the the actual answer (Tested on 6s plus); If you turn your volume down, the alarm will NOT be heard because its volume is also decreased. Don't be fulled by these articles, I was late for work because of this bullshit. Turn your volume up and then go into your settings and set up a quiet time under "do not disturb." Set times from when you want until a little before your alarm. This will silence calls and alerts until then and you can even choose to let calls from certain people through. Hope this helps you out..

If you turn the little switch (above the the volume control) on the left to silent, your alarm will still go off. Mine did. iPhone 7 - was switched to do not disturb on too (iOs 10.3).