Get retro Super Mario sounds on the iPhone


Custom message tones based on retro video games are nothing new, however 1UP brings the concept to a new level. iPhone owners with jailbroken devices can install 1UP for a unique trip down Nintendo memory lane. Not only will 1UP replace the Messages notification tone with the Super Mario coin sound effect, on the tenth notification something special happens. Mario earns an extra life!

By default, 10 coins must be earned to hear the 1UP sound, but the timing can be customized to happen after a different number of notifications. Not only this, but 1UP is not limited to the Messages app. Additional "Levels" can be added by switching on toggles next to other apps in the settings. Notifications for selected apps will be counted towards the next 1UP sound effect, making it possible to hear the 1UP sound more frequently.

1UP is free on the Cydia app store. To start customizing iOS, click here for instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 9 with Pangu. Find out how to purchase and install Cydia tweaks with this guide.

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