How can I disable Live Photos on my iPhone?

Live Photos disable

The Live Photos feature is switched on by default. There is an icon in the Camera app that consists of three concentric circles. This is the Live Photos toggle, which will be yellow when enabled. Tapping this icon will disable Live Photo, but it will automatically switch back on once you leave the Camera app. Here's how to permanently keep Live Photo disabled:

  1. Open the Camera app on your device.
  2. Tap the yellow Live Photo icon so it is white and crossed out.
  3. Navigate to the Settings app.
  4. Tap the Camera tab.
  5. Tap Preserve Settings.
  6. Tap the Live Photo slider so it is ON/GREEN. This will save your last Camera app settings and stop Live Photo from being automatically enabled.

You can learn more about the Preserve Settings feature here.

Live Photos can be captured on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and later starting with iOS 9. Preserve Settings is available in iOS 10.2 or later.


I've seen a lot of comments saying, "just turn it off, it's easy"...etc.
The point is that Apple rolls this stuff out and jams it down your throat. Why would you introduce a feature, force it on, all without a simple slider switch to turn it off instead of the unintuitive method of the preserve settings thing. The first time I took pictures after this was introduced, I didn't even know it was doing it until later on. If I didn't have my cell phone through my job, it would never be an apple product. They constantly do idiot stuff like this.

THANK YOU!! I have been trying to figure this out for forever!

I hate the Live Photo setting on iPhones. The text isn’t clear in the settings and causes most people to choose to turn off the slider that would actually help them disable that automatic feature. Apple needs to have a simple on/off button in settings so people can easily and permanently disable that awful setting. Live Photos waste space and kill a good picture.